I like that feeling


YF said, the reason why I sold it to a stranger is not because I don’t like that sweater, it’s just because I like that feeling.


Someone loved it a lot and only she could make that person happy, without asking any reward. 


She sold it for £14. How much she paid at the vintage shop was exactly how much that waitress had to pay her.


That was the only one vintage sweater in the world. There was a good 20 mins searching in the shop. The waitress went crazy as soon as she saw YF put on that sweater. YF also liked the sweater the waitress was wearing. YF asked but the waitress didn’t want to exchange for it.  


So, YF said ok I could sell you the original price.


Did it make sense? No, it didn’t until YF said that’s ok because I like that feeling. 


She is so warm.


But why? I thought it’s kind of random cruel in people’s everyday life.