That was a significant morning


I had that feeling at the last day of May. Nothing was remembered but the excitement about being realistic, brave and simply having a very clear mind.


And then something horrible happened. I keep it as a secret because I have to. It’s about a smell. I could smell it till the end of that day.


Since three weeks ago, I have been having a big, nice and empty two bedroom flat on my own. Only me occupying the whole space and doing whatever I could think to do. 


So sleeping was only done when I felt sleepy. Eating was done when I felt hungry. There was no need to follow the clock or the sun. 


For some reason I check the news. The news of Louise Bourgeois’ death was shown. The last day of May!


And ten days past. So many exhibitions private views have past.


Everything is OK now. You and me.  


If you were with this new me, we could have become very cool. But that’s a shame you had to leave me so that I could become the new me. Shame.